Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Work is Up and Ready to Go!!

Setting up my work @ Phelony!

So last night I finally got my work hung up on the walls at Phelony in Tucson Mall. The store was meant to open today, which happens to also be owner Amanda Greenwaldt's birthday (Happy Birthday, girl! You rock!) However, Mall management wasn't able to do their official walk-through yet, so the date has been pushed off to Wednesday or Thursday. Luckily, this gives Paul and Amanda a little extra time to spruce things up; they have been working SO HARD! In the meantime, here is a SNEAK PEEK!

Amanda, hard at work, as usual.

My art, ready to hang.

A few pictures of me with my art finally up and ready to go!

Thank you Paul and Amanda for this wonderful opportunity!

Best of luck! :)

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