Thursday, October 2, 2014

Featured Piece: Dare to Adore

Dare to Adore: Acrylic on Canvas, 2014

24" x 24"

Sometimes, one of the best ways for me to clear my head is to get my cacophony of thoughts and emotions onto canvas. I struggle with high anxiety, which is often due to an inability to sort through thoughts and feelings in a logical manner. Imagine if you went into a doctor's office, and instead of keeping files on a computer or neatly organized in a file cabinet, their walls were covered in post-it notes with various names, diagnoses, allergies, and bills scattered about with no system of organization whatsoever. This is what it feels like sometimes in my mind!

I have learned a lot of coping skills the past few years. I keep lists, notes, and files on my phone and computer, and I occasionally journal when I need to get something out. I have learned breathing and grounding techniques, and many times when I'm feeling anxious, I clean, because clearing up physical clutter helps to lessen the mental clutter.

"But," I thought "what would these thoughts look like on canvas?"

Dare to Adore is a piece I created during a time when I was overwhelmed by uncertainty and a lack of confidence. Traditionally, a less-than-ideal state for an artist's mind to be in while creating. However, when we stop placing negative labels on our thoughts and feelings (i.e.: "This thought is BAD! I shouldn't be feeling this way!") we can open ourselves up to healing our minds in a compassionate way, rather than berating our minds into submission.

This piece was born out of chaos and self-doubt, and in turn inspired order and confidence. Art is an amazing tool and a powerful catalyst for change!

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